SMSF Advice

SMSF Advice

In order to ensure that your SMSF is well managed, diversified and efficient it is important to seek professional Sydney super fund advice.

Set up Advice

Setting up SMSF and operating it is a very important financial decision because the responsibility of operating it and complying with laws will be completely that of the trustee. Managing your super fund well will take money, skill, knowledge and time so it is very important to take the time to talk to an experienced SMSF consultant before you decide to set up the fund. At SMSF Consulting, our SMSF specialists will provide you advice for various areas:

  • Overall assessment of the superannuation including the benefits and costs of transferring the current superannuation
  • Strategies of superannuation contribution to ensure that you can take full advantage of spouse contribution offsets, government contributions and salary sacrifice
  • Benefits and costs associated with starting the pension from the fund
  • Documenting the investment strategy to ensure that the fund will meet the requirements of all the members
  • Recommendations for the beneficiary nominations
  • Disability and death insurance recommendations
  • Investment recommendations

SMSF Tax Advice

It is important to ensure that you only obtain SMSF taxation advice from a licensed advisor. A professional superannuation administrator or accountant should have the necessary skills to provide you good consultation.

Financial Planning

A licensed SMSF consultant or financial planner will be capable of providing you advice on how to set up the fund and ongoing advice on:

  • Legislative changes that might impact your fund and your current strategies
  • Commencing a pension whenever appropriate
  • Recommendations taking into account various changes in your marital status, health and income situation
  • Liaison between the super fund administrator and trustees to make management of the fund simpler
  • Recommended changes in disability and death insurance
  • Investment recommendations

Loans and Finance

One of the main reasons why so many people set up SMSF is for gearing their investments. However, not many bankers or mortgage brokers are familiar with how trusts work or with how these loans can be correctly set up. SMSF Consulting specializes in SMSF finances and loans. Using our services for a loan has many important benefits:

  • We can correctly structure the loan to ensure that it meets the taxation and legislation requirements
  • We can provide recommendations on lenders that provide the most competitive rates
  • We know guidelines of various lenders that lend to trusts and will recommend which lenders you can qualify with for a loan

Commercial loans, investment loans and home loans can be modified to suit the needs of an SMSF. We can provide you super fund advice on the right brokers, right advice and right lender so that the process goes smoothly for our. Our team offers a wide range of super fund advice services so you can obtain a loan or get tax benefits.

Contact us today to discuss your SMSF advice needs and we will be glad to help you!

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